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What is Northwood Montessori Plus?

Northwood Montessori combines the challenging, individualized Montessori approach with fun, creative enrichment activities to provide a balanced program. Combining the best of the Montessori Curriculum, Early Childhood Education (ECE) and the Ministry of Education Kindergarten Curriculum as the academic base.

Northwood Montessori Plus uses exciting themes and special activities to bring the real world into the classroom. French, Spanish, Creative Arts, Music, Drama, Cooking, Science and Gym are some of the activities that children enjoy every day.

Developing Life Skills for the 21st Century

Educators know that the skills introduced to the young child under the age of six last a life time. Our program reflects this important stage of development.​

Nurturing the Love of Learning

Young children love to learn. At Northwood, we capitalize on this natural curiosity by providing a positive encouraging environment which promotes learning as an enjoyable, useful, satisfying and rewarding experience. Age-appropriate activities enhance intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative development.​

Meeting Individual Needs

Our unique program encourages children to learn at their own pace. By recognizing individual needs,personalities, backgrounds and learning styles, teachers choose appropriate teaching methods and materials to provide a successful learning experience for each child.​

We Support Parents Too

Northwood believes that children do better in school when parents and teachers work together. Throughout the year, we host many family events, encourage volunteering in the classroom and on trips and provide regular updates to keep parents informed. Extras such as flexible scheduling, extended hours, toilet training and emergency coverage help support busy parents. ​

Our History

Northwood Montessori was established in 1989. It is the Preschool Division of WillowWood Private School in North York, which was established in 1980 and has an excellent record and reputation with the Ministry of Education. Northwood Montessori Plus Director, Heather Spear, has a Primary Specialist Teaching Degree along with Special Education qualifications and over 30 years of teaching experience. We are incorporated as, a Right To Learn Inc. 

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